All set for the Final Conference of the L'Aqua Project
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All set for the Final Conference of the L'Aqua Project

It will take place on 13-14 January 2016 in Cáceres, Spain, and representatives of Partenalia will be attending.


After months of work, L'Aqua project is about to finish. It was started on July 2014 and funded by the European Commission. The purpose of L'Aqua has been to boost tourism by exploiting cultural heritage and creating and disseminating myths and legends with a key player: the water.


Members of this projects- including Partenalia- are meeting in Cáceres (Spain) to share their experiences with the project, identify business opportunities and create synergies among different local players in order to create tourism products related with the objectives of L'Aqua.


If you are interested in joining the event, feel free to log in on this website.

See the full version of the agenda on the top-right of this article. It is divided into three parts:


1- Workshops to create marketable tourism products.

2- Performanced guide tour by “Los Juglares” along the historic centre of Cáceres.

3- Networking and closing session- Spanish wine will be served-.


Find all the details of this project in the following link:


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