Enlargement: New Europe, New Twinnings
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Enlargement: New Europe, New Twinnings

The Enlargement working group closes the project " New Europe, New Twinnings", led by the Diputación de Castellón as coordinator of the Enlargement working group and co-financed by Partenalia and the European Commission as part of the DG EAC nº 24/05 call for proposals entitled: "Promotion of Active European Citizenship, Support to Town Twinning Actions: Conferences, Training Seminars and Information Campaigns".

The project involved 17 members of 11 countries of the European Union (Estonia, Italy, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Spain) and was satisfactorily able to meet its main aims: establishing ties of collaboration between the municipalities of the territory covered by Partenalia and the municipalities of the new member countries, promoting active European citizenship through the twinning of cities, spreading culture and traditions to other cities and regions to improve understanding between the cities of the EU-15 and the cities of the new member countries and diffusing better practices with regards to twinning.

Project New Europe New twinnings


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