Entrepreneurs from Castellón (Spain) travel to Brussels to explore Exisiting Funding Possibilities
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Entrepreneurs from Castellón (Spain) travel to Brussels to explore Exisiting Funding Possibilities

This opportunity was given to the 6 entrepreneurs who won the last edition of the following awards: Reset Weekend, CEEI-IVACE and Fundació Globalis.

Several entrepreneurs from the Province of Castellón (Spain) took advantadge of a training itinerary organised by the Castellón County Council. They were taken to Brussels for 3 days so they could find out more about possibilities for funding that the European Commission provides.

The selected entrepreneurs were granted with the first position of the main awards celebrated in the Province of Castellón: Reset Weekend, CEEI-IVACE and Fundació Globalis. These awards recognise the work of the best business projects and start ups.

These entrepreneurs, who were accompanied by the Vice-President of the Castellón County Council Mr. Vicent Sales, got the chance to explore the scope and the most interesting tools that the European Union offers to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

During these three days in Brussels, they all have visited the European Commission, the StartUp Accelerator Finnovaregio, the Spain Office of Science and Technology and the headquarters of Partenalia.

At the headquarters of Partenalia, Mr. Manuel Mendigutía- Team leader and Project Advisor in the SME Instrument Unit at the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Size Enterprises (EASME)-, explained them in detail how the SME Instrument works, which is a way of funding for traditional businesses or start ups aiming at growing, developing and getting their internationalisation.

The businesses Buyanity, Eatopy, Ultraprotek, Claplanguages and Charteando had the opportunity to make their projects known before the institutions mentioned above, as well as learn about the functioning of European funds.


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