International Seminar: "Local Experiences in training, employment and local inclusion" - Sevilla, 17th October 2013
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International Seminar: "Local Experiences in training, employment and local inclusion" - Sevilla, 17th October 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Diputación de Sevilla has hosted an international debate on Training and Employment and the role of Local Intermediate Government within this issue. Nearly 70 participants have attended this seminar, organized in the framework of Partenalia, in order to discuss new strategies and trends to foster employment in their territories.

The event was opened by the member of the Sevilla provincial government in charge of employment and innovation, Ms. Dolores Bravo, who highlighted the importance of the exchange of good practices among local intermediate Governments in Europe in order to improve the local policies and get the most of the European funds that they manage. She also reinforced the commitment of Diputación de Sevilla with Partenalia, its activities and goals.

In the opening, they also participated Mr. Amador Sánchez, the general manager of Prodetur, the agency of Diputación de Sevilla for turism and economic development, and Mr. Manuel Mendigutía, delegate in Brussels of Diputación de Badajoz and Cáceres and in charge of the Secretary of Partenalia.

Several examples from Spain, Belgium and France have been presented and many programmes - mainly financed by the ESF - have been discussed.

The next step is to deepen in this share of know-how and transfer all the innovative ideas to the various areas represented in Seville.

An overview of the next programming period (2014-2020) was also presented, in order to find where are the funding opportunities for the Local and Intermediate Governments in Europe.

You can download all the presentations below.

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