Partenalia sets up the monitoring device of the dissemination plan for the IGTrain project
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Partenalia sets up the monitoring device of the dissemination plan for the IGTrain project

Thursday, November 20, 2014

During the month of August, the team responsible for developing the IGTrain project in Partenalia built the foundations of the first Monitoring Report of the project's Dissemination Plan. It was presented to the IGTrain consortium during the coordination meeting held in September in Sofia (Bulgaria), where the first numerical and qualitative data about the activities developed so far was presented as well.

Two perspectives of the same reality will be used for this purpose

  1. - The project
  2. - The partners

The logic of the speech will describe the gradual implementation of the plan, through their:

  • Objectives / Results / Products
  • Contents / Actions
  • Tools / Messages
  • Target Recipients
  • Calendar

The first monitoring report covers the dissemination activities implemented from IGTrain, between October 2013 and August 2014 and it also describes the general objectives, internal and external communication, providing a methodology and tools for the collection of the information.

The second report has been completed in late October and presents the numerical and qualitative dissemination activities developed during the first year of the project (October 2013-September 2014) as well as the impact achieved in every countries.

Partenalia, as the partner responsible for the project dissemination is planning to publish a Monitoring Report every three or four months, giving as a result a series of reports by the project completion. This will enable the reconstruction of all activities and results of the project for each of the partners and the countries of the consortium.


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