Partenalia stands up for the European industry because of the “threat” from China
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Partenalia stands up for the European industry because of the “threat” from China


One of the main news of 2016 is the possibility that- at the end of the year- China could be considered as a country in which free trade is applied. This fact would severely hamper the chance for the European Union to apply AntiDumping measures against the Asian Giant, aiming at offsetting distortions caused by their exports on the market.

The last clause in the Protocol of China's Accession to the WTO (World Trade Organisation) expires next 11 December. In such a way, the status of Member may be automatically granted to the Asian Giant. The EU must ratify if it stands against this fact. The European Commission- from its side- has already started a discussion to take a decision, which shall be approved by the European Parliament and all Member States.

This issue poses a threat to the European industry, that could lose 3.5 million jobs and have an adverse impact on the GDP in the euro area (between 1 and 2 percentage points).

In order to avoid this, coordination among European institutions and industry mobilisation is required. The President of Partenalia, Mr. Javier Moliner, has recently committed himself- in a meeting with the ceramic sector hold in Castellón- to promote and support all the measures available to be undertaken for protecting employees and manufacturing companies. The aim is for both parts to keep on developing their professional work on their own territory.


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