Partenalia's Steering Committee 2017
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Partenalia's Steering Committee 2017

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Partenalia's steering committee took place on February, 23rd in Ourense (Spain). Composed of a group of technical members, this committee is responsible for the central planning processes of the association and particularly for setting up its annual Action Plan. During the Committee, the Vice-President, Mr. Baltar welcomed the participants and presented the ongoing projects of his province, Partenalia’s new members Tarragona, Segovia, Namur introduced themselves and the territories they represent and all members analysed and discussed the 2016 Activity Report and the annual Action Plan for 2017.

Steering Committee table


The new Action plan encourages members to disseminate news of their activities and of their territories via the newsletter and the online information center, as well as to translate their main documents into English, French and Spanish as a reminder of the fact that benchmarking is the essence of Partenalia.

With regards to the working groups, Diputación de Badajoz will assume the leadership of the Working Group on Territorial development thus replacing the Diputación de Castellón. The former will lead the drafting of the gastronomical tourism project in coordination with all the European projects units of members who wish to participate in the project.

In addition, the leadership of the Working Group on Social Affairs, Labour, Training and Labour Inclusion has changed from the Diputación de Badajoz to the Diputación de Castellón. The project of this Working Group will consist in the creation of support platforms for “second-stage entrepreneurs” via exchanges of good practices, training session and encounters with experts from the European Commission and high-level networking sessions in Brussels.

The Working Group on Economy and Innovation will focus its efforts in 2017 on the preparation of the future implementation of new European legislations related to Waste Management.

All members stress the need to further cooperation with other networks notably to boost the enlargement of the association.

Furthermore, the date of the Political Council is set to March 29th in Brussels.

The participants were given a technical presentation of the Economical Observatory of the province of Ourense INORDE, a essential and replicable tool to measure the economic activity of the territory. When the committee ended, the members enjoyed a visit to the famous thermal areas of Ourense.


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