Published a Green Paper on agricultural product quality
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Published a Green Paper on agricultural product quality

The European Commission today adopted a Green Paper to open the debate on how to help European farmers make the most of the quality of the food and drinks they produce. As globalisation spreads, pressure increases from low cost products from overseas and consumer demands evolve, Europe's most potent weapon is 'quality'.

The Green Paper looks at the range of standards, quality and certification programmes and labelling schemes currently operating in the EU – including geographical indications, organic farming, and private and regional food quality certification schemes – and asks what could be done better to exploit the strengths of EU farming and better inform consumers about the products on offer. The public consultation will be opened from the 15th October until the 31st December 2008.

Read the Green Paper: policy/consultation/greenpaper_en.pdf

Get to the online questionnaire: forms/dispatch ?form=gpagprodqual2


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