The European Project L’AQUA participated in the Final Conference of the project IGTrain in Brussels
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The European Project L’AQUA participated in the Final Conference of the project IGTrain in Brussels

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The IGTrain project celebrated on the 22nd of September the Final Conference at the Espace Monte Paschi Belgio in Brussels (Belgium). The event was organized by Partenalia aisbl, leader of the work package dissemination of the IGTrain, and the other partners of the IGTrain consortium, Verein Multikulturell, Bimec Ltd, Mozaik, COOS Marche and Waterpolis.

Partners of the project L’AQUA attended this meeting and showed their interest in this European project about training, taking part off the different workshops during the event. The representatives of L’AQUA highlighted the broader relationship between the two European projects. The tourism is one of the main economic sectors of some of the European countries and the transfer of knowledge from experienced workers to younger ones is a measure that allows organisations to be more competitive.

Tourism project

L´AQUA is a project funded by the European Commission which focuses on the tourism potential of this intangible heritage in relation to water, establishing a transnational product and route, with its (regional) sectors, covering in total 8 areas/countries where water and related activities play an important role in their geography and/or history, and putting the magnifying glass on the sagas, myths, legends and traditions associated to water.

The partners involved in the project are the AEI Cluster de Turismo de Extremadura (ES), Cyprus University of Technology (CY), Stichting Business Development Friesland (NL), Karuskose OlJ (EE), Provincia di Terni (IT), Velencei-tavi Fejlesztesi Nonprofit Kft (HU), Universidad de Extremadura | RED Universidades Lectoras (ES), Fundación para el Desarrollo Infotecnológico de Empresas y Sociedad (ES), Arbeitsgemeinschaft Europäischer Grenzregionen (DE), Junta de Extremadura/Consejería de Empleo, Empresa e Innovación/DG Empresa y Actividad Empresarial (ES) and Partenalia aisbl (BE).

You can find all the last news of the project in the official website of L’AQUA and on social media or   


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