The IGTrain Consortium meeting is about to take place in Lisbon
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The IGTrain Consortium meeting is about to take place in Lisbon

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

This week, all the IGTrain Consortium is meeting in Lisbon for a progress meeting about the global advancement of the project. At this occasion, all Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Austrian, Portuguese, and Belgian partners will discuss the main themes related to the first stages of the project.

What is the current situation of the project?

  • What can be said about the TTT pilot training whose practical part has already taken place? How can the tools (Trainer’s Guide and other specifics training materials) be improved to avoid the main problems encountered in these pilots? Can they be improved for future uses?
  • How the next stage of the project, the IGL JOB (on-the-job intergenerational mentoring), is going to be implemented? What tools have to be developed for this goal?
  • Is the dissemination work efficient and how can it be even better?
  • What could the partners implement in order to assure the good dissemination of the project results and their use?

At the end of this meeting, each partner should be able to continue their work thanks to the new work line and general review established.


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