The IGTrain formation course in Belgium is developed through Partenalia’s partners
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The IGTrain formation course in Belgium is developed through Partenalia’s partners

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

In the coming days it will start in Belgium the "pilot training of trainers" pilot course, as part of the IGTrain project actions. The training will take place at Technical and pedagogical Training Center (CECOTEPE asbl) city of Liege.

Partenalia has launched an agreement with one of its partners: the province of Liege, making use of the advantages offered by its varied composition as platform that would represent the interests of local intermediate authorities in the European Union.

This agreement will enable the joint development of the training required from the IGTrain project, and multiply of the synergies within the association.

The province of Liege has demonstrated experience in adult training and an extensive relationship with different enterprises in the area, providing the project contact with CECOTEPE, which for some years has been training professionals in various fields as public safety, health, biochemical or logistics.

The implementation of the Trainer's Guide, along with the tools and methodologies designed in the IGTrain project; in collaboration with the experience and knowledge of the province of Liege, will make the pilot, to be held during the month of December, a successful experience in Belgium, which will be reported as the next phases of the implementation are being developed.


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