The IGTrain pilot training is over and the pilot mentoring is about to begin
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The IGTrain pilot training is over and the pilot mentoring is about to begin

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

After a short break due to the end of the year festivities, the IGTrain team resumed his activities and now that the current stage is coming to an end. This activities related to this stage of the project include:

  • Collecting POST questionnaires from the mentors and begin the analysis of the results.
  • Finalizing the individual projects preparation with all the mentors.
  • Presentations of the projects themselves altogether with both trainers and mentors.
  • Drafting of the final report of the Train-the-trainer’s (TTT) activities by the trainers.

After the end of the TTT stage, a big meeting will be held in Lisbon the 17th, 18th and 19th of February to prepare and discuss the details of the next stage about on-the-job mentoring. There will be a conference prior to this named “Intergenerational learning as key component of the process: The project IGTrain”. There will also be a workshop called “Possible pathways for the enhancement of intergenerational learning considering a stakeholder partnership”.


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