The on-the-job training phase is about to be completed in Belgium
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The on-the-job training phase is about to be completed in Belgium

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thanks to the positive results achieved during last month, Partenalia will be able to start soon the evaluation phase of the mentoring. Obviously, the success of this new phase will be made possible by the active participation of the parties who have been involved in the training. As matter of fact, the evaluation phase will entail a systematic revision of the training by each of these parties: mentor; intern and employer. It will focus on three main aspects:

  • the way the parties considered the training before its beginning;
  • its concrete development;
  • the results and benefits that everyone could get from an individual and professional point of view.

During this week, the information provided will be collected into questionnaires and individual interviews. The results of the analysis will become a starting point for realizing one of the most important products of the IGTrain project: the examples of good training practices, based on the use of the Trainer’s Guide.


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