PARTENALIA invited to the Annual Congress of the Assembly of French Departments (ADF)
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PARTENALIA invited to the Annual Congress of the Assembly of French Departments (ADF)

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

   PARTENALIA is honored to be invited at the next Congres of French Départements which will take place on the famous premises of the Futuroscope near Poitiers in the Département de la Vienne from October, 5th to October, 7th.


This year's edition will focus on the vision of rurality in 2025. The defense of the rural lifestyle is indeed a particularly significant and even defining feature of the role of Local Intermediate Authorities.


Once more, the Congress will take place in a particular context: that of the constitutional reform in Italy aiming, among other things, at supressing the Local Intermediate level of administration. The event will be an opportunity to reaffirm the crucial need for such a level of government in the European landscape and in order to apply EU principle of subsidiarity/the governance by the level of government closest to the citizens.


PARTENALIA will share the reflections of various conferences and roundtables of the Congress





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