Announcement of an EU Relations Manager position in Partenalia
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Announcement of an EU Relations Manager position in Partenalia

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Partenalia aisbl is hiring a freelance senior expert, without an office based requirement, to contribute to the lobbying strategy and actions of Partenalia.

The beginning of the work contract is October 2015 and it is limited to 3 months trial time. After 3 months it can be prolonged for a determined period in accordance with the employer.

Before completing the application applicants have to carefully read this job description. You can download the job offer in the document in the left side of the website.

Job description

  • To support the Political Council and Steering Committee of Partenalia aisbl.
  • To propose and organise key Political high level action in Brussels for members of the Political Council.
  • To ensure and promote the cohesion between members by developing key joint thematic actions for the working groups.
  • To provide technical support to the thematic areas for the development of joint initiatives and to organise two thematic actions concerning the Working Groups.
  • To draft a strategic plan for Partenalia.


  • Candidates must:
  1. Be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union;
  2. enjoy their full rights as a citizen;
  3. have fulfilled any obligations imposed on them by the laws on military service;
  4. meet the character requirements for the duties involved.
  • Specific conditions:
  1. Education and professional experience: A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least 4 years attested by a diploma; followed by senior professional experience relevant to the duties involved acquired after the title mentioned before.
  2. The following experiences are considered an asset to the application: Completion of Masters studies related to the European Union; excellent knowledge of European Institutions and institutional mechanisms broad experience in European Affaires in Brussels experience in the management of European associations;
  3. Language: Excellent written and spoken knowledge of English and working knowledge of the other two official languages of the network: French and Spanish.

Knowledge of other official languages of the European Union is considered an asset. The candidate must be able to proof language knowledge by way of a certificate or verifiable practical experience.


Candidates will be eliminated if:

  • They send the application too late, proven by the postmark
  • They do not use the official application form
  • They do not sign the application form
  • They do not satisfy the general requirements


The examining board will check the applications based on the submitted documents and will choose those candidates who are best suited for the post taking into account the general and specific conditions and functions of the post. All candidates will be informed by email.

  1. Oral test: The successful candidates will be invited for an interview.
  2. Results: Candidates will be informed of the results by email. There will be reserve list of successful candidates. Candidates of this list might be contracted hereinafter in case there will be another vacancy in the future.

The examing board

The examining board will be composed by the members of the Managing Board of Partenalia aisbl. The meetings of the Managing Board are opened to the participation of all the members of Partenalia aisbl under the conditions established in the statutes of the association.

The application

Candidates shall send their complete application in English language latest on 30th of September by post to:

            PARTENALIA aisbl

            Rue Marie de Bourgogne 13, 3 étage

            B-1050 Brussels (Belgium)

The following documents have to be added to the application:

  • A letter of motivation of no more than one page
  • The curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • Photocopies of the documents that justify the specific conditions of admission
  • A numbered list of the documents attached to the application

Professional experience, education and language knowledge must be explained in detail in the application. The application file includes documents certifying any education, experience or other knowledge. Details that are not explained by corresponding documentation cannot be considered in the application. If language knowledge cannot be clearly deducted from the title, an explanation supporting the official documents shall be joined to the application.

Documentation shall be accompanied by a translation if it has been written in a language other than one of the working languages of Partenalia aisbl (French, English, and Spanish). Translations do not have to be official.

Documents cannot be returned to the candidates after completion of the process.

Candidates entered into the reserve list will have to present original diplomas, academic records.


35 Square de Meeûs
1000, Brussels (Belgium)
Phone: +32 27336595