CEPLI meeting at Partenalia's headquarters
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CEPLI meeting at Partenalia's headquarters

Monday, February 06, 2017

The CEPLI technical meeting took place at Partenalia’s headquarters on February, 2nd. CEPLI members discussed various opportunities and potential activities for the network to be undertaken during the year 2017. Amongst them were the promotion of the role of provinces within the EU via the publication of an academic study highlighting the significance of Local Intermediate Authorities.

CEPLI meeting at Partenalia's headquarters

Andrea Rodríguez, Diputació de Barcelona; Mathijs Vanderbroucke, Association of Flemish Provinces; Nicolas Reynès, Partenalia's Coordinator; Quentin Delhaye, APW-CEPLI; Simon Letonurier, ADF.

Based on the success of last year’s joint conference, co-organised by CEPLI and the Committee of the Regions, the network will endeavour to replicate the events with active participation from Partenalia. Taking into consideration what competences members share, it was suggested that the topic may be that of “Sustainable Territorial Development” given this year’s and next year’s focus on the renewal of the cohesion policy and of the EU Urban Agenda from the perspective of European institutions.
In preparation of the event, CEPLI and Partenalia will gather opinions and remarks from their members in order to come up with a common Position Paper on the future of the cohesion policy.

On May, 9th, the Day of Europe can be a great opportunity to give visibility to the role of Local Intermediate Authorities in the EU via the posting on CEPLI members’ website of speeches by provincial elected officials commenting on their activities as provincial politicians.

Finally, members are invited to reflect on their potential participation in the 5th edition of the Assises of Decentralised Cooperation which will take place on July, 10th and 11th. The Steering Committee in Ourense will be an opportunity to comment on the matter.


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