Find all the information of L’AQUA project!
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Find all the information of L’AQUA project!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Since last July 2014 Partenalia is member of L´AQUA project, funded by the European Commission, which focuses on the tourism potential of this intangible heritage in relation to water, establishing a transnational product and route, with its (regional) sectors, covering in total 8 areas/countries where water and related activities play an important role in their geography and/or history, and putting the magnifying glass on the sagas, myths, legends and traditions associated to water.

Partenalia and the AEBR (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Europaischer Grenzregionen) are the partners responsible for the dissemination plan, which include, among other things, the drafting of leaflets, press releases, newsletters, and promoting the L’AQUA activities through social media, the website created for that purpose and events (by Partenalia and AEBR) at their own organizations.

Do you want to learn more? Come and join us at the l’AQUA adventure!

You can follow the last news of L’AQUA project in the website of the project, you can access here, or in the social media of the project, Facebook fanpage and Twitter account.


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