Meeting between Diputación de León and Chamber of Bragança
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Meeting between Diputación de León and Chamber of Bragança

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The president of the Diputación de León (Spain), Emilio Orejas, had a working meeting this morning with the president of the Chamber of Bragança (Portugal), Hernâni Venancio Dias. This encounter has been the first contact between both presidents and as a result it has been possible to make progress regarding several cross-border cooperation projects.

Several topics were addressed in the meeting: the current status of the future EGTC León – Bragança, the development of several collaboration proposals that had already been discussed in previous meetings, such as exchange programmes of youngsters and children, business meetings, territorial touristic promotion or cultural meetings.

One of the most relevant proposals has been the study of a project to be presented in an ERASMUS PLUS call. Both parties have highlighted the importance of this ambitious project, which is related to the conservation of natural habitats and wildlife. The initiative is designed to comply with the European legislation, which establishes that the Member States should determine the measures for preservation and protection, including specific management plans, as well as the implementation of lines of development suited to the ecological demands of the natural habitats.


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