Partenalia approves a decalogue on good governance
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Partenalia approves a decalogue on good governance

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The extraordinary Polical council of Partenalia held in Peñiscola last week with the participation of several members of the association approves a decalogue on good governance.

The council started with a reception in Castellón on Thursday and ended on Friday with the signing of a declaration of principles and a international conference where the role and importance of the intermediate local authorities were emphasized.

The declaration, unanimously approved by all members after the modifications made during the political council, proposes to promote measures on good government and aims at enhancing civil society involvement,the transparency of administrations and the accountability of goverments.
In the course of the Council we have all had the opportunity to be officially introduced to our two new members: the provinces of León and Ourense, both from the northwestern part of Spain.

As for the conference, the professors Manuel Medina Guerrero, from the University of Sevilla and Professor Luciano Parejo Alfonso discussed the perspectives of the local authorities and the main issues facing them.
You can also access a photo report here

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