Partenalia receives the Agua de Benassal company
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Partenalia receives the Agua de Benassal company

Last Thursday, the Castellón-based company Agua de Benassal received an award rewarding the quality of its products for the 7th year in a row. The diamond award has so far only been attributed to 3 companies in the world.

In the context of this visit, the company contacted with Partenalia in order to familiarize with European issues such as the funding possibilities for SMEs and the various labels recognizing the quality of food products bearing in mind the possibilities for the internationalisation of the company. The representatives from the company thus visited the Spanish Chamber of Commerce as well as a local company dedicated to drafting projects in the framework of the SME Instrument of the European Commission.

They also has the opportunity to visit an association dedicated to the promotion of healthy housing and then met with the MEP Jordi Sebastia for a visit of the European Parliament.

Amongst the participants were the mayor of Benassal María Luz Monterde, the CEO of the company Rafael Boria and the Chief Financial Officer, Ana Belen Garcia.

Any company or organisation from the socio-economic fabric of our member territorties are welcomed to contact us if they also wish to be received by Partenalia who can organise visits which are relevant the its fields of interests.


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