Partenalia will hold its two most important meetings of the year in Brussels
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Partenalia will hold its two most important meetings of the year in Brussels

The annual meetings, which provide impetus to the rest of the year’s activities, will be on held on PARTENALIA’s premises at the heart of the European district in Brussels, Rue Marie de Bourgogne.

They will provide the opportunity to look back on the activities of the past year and to elaborate a strategical framework for the activities of the year to come. This year’s Political Council will be of particular significance given that elections to the executive positions of the Presidency, Vice-Presidency and the Secretariat will be held. The deadline for the presentation of candidacies is February, 23rd.

During the Steering Committee, the technical staff from all members of PARTENALIA will examine the budget of the association and the Action Plan for the year 2016. It will serve as a preparation for the meeting of all political representatives of PARTENALIA’s members during the political council.


Rue Marie de Bourgogne 13, 3 étage
B-1050 Brussels (Belgium)
Phone: +32 27336595