Territorial Development
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Territorial Development

Album title: Tourism and New Technologies Working Group

Partenalia’s working groups were organised in 2009 following the general arrangement of the network. This new organisational system was based on a survey made to the members about their competences and interests, as a result, three main lines of work were defined:

  • Focused on Economy, Innovation and Energy.
  • Focused on Employment, Training and Labour inclusion.
  • Focused on Territorial development, Tourism and New Technologies.

Their creation and the adhesion to them are carried out on voluntary basis.


For this reason, the members decided to focus in 2012 within the Territorial development working group in tourism and new technologies as a driver for boosting territorial development and promoting the territories in a wide sense.

In total, there are 18 administrations: 7 of which are Spanish, 3 Italian, 4 Belgian, 2 French and 2 Croatian. Diputación de Castellón leads this group supported by the Provincia di Terni, that co-leads the group.

Assets of Partenalia for working on this topic

  • A stable cooperation framework, settled through years of joint work in Partenalia;
  • Similar territories - with some exceptions- with similar sizes and competencies;
  • Complementary touristic resources; rural, coast, gastronomy, culture, adventure, etc;
  • Skills for managing European projects in order to present joint proposals, providing a wide partnership from Central and Southern Europe;
  • Economic promotion, tourism and European relations areas within the member’s administrations.

Expected results

  • Creation of a cooperation network among the member administrations specialized in touristic issues;
  • Development of joint cooperation projects;
  • Enhancement of Partenalia’s visibility in each territory;
  • Enhancement of the visibility of each territory with the other involved territories, going beyond the institutional visibility already offered by Partenalia.

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