The association
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The association

In 1993, a few months after the coming into effect of the Maastricht Treaty, certain administrations with a forward-looking approach decided to take a step towards the enhancement of the visibility of intermediate local authorities, and in the promotion of common policies at the local level. In a context of acknowledgement of the local and regional dimension for the first time, Partenalia was created with the aim of becoming a platform that would represent the interests of local intermediate authorities in the European Union.

Today, as an International association with legal personality, Partenalia has a key role in the construction of a more integrated Europe, as it is the voice of intermediate local administrations and offers them a privileged working platform in order to promote innovative initiatives and the exchange of best practices on a transnational scale. With  twenty-three of experience, Partenalia has become a frame of reference for the involvement of local collectivities in the European arena and for the development and implementation of innovative policies at  local level.


In order to fulfil its objectives, Partenalia includes the following governing bodies:

  • Political Council: Composed by one politician per member and represented by one President and two Vice-Presidents for a two-year period. The Political Council provides the vision and mission for the association and sets up its general guidelines.
  • Steering Group: Decision-making body that gathers all the members of the association.
  • Managing Board: Comprises a core group of technical members. It is responsible for the central planning processes of the association and particularly for setting up its Annual Action Plan.
  • Secretariat: Watches over the coherence of Partenalia, together with the Presidency, and manages the daily activities of the coordinator.

Current governing bodies

  • Presidency: Diputación de Ourense (Spain)
  • Vice-presidency: Diputación de Valencia (Spain)




35 Square de Meeûs
1000, Brussels (Belgium)
Phone: +32 27336595