The final conference of the European Project “L’aqua” gathers more than 60 entrepreneurs from the tourism sector
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The final conference of the European Project “L’aqua” gathers more than 60 entrepreneurs from the tourism sector

The final conference of the European Project L’AQUA (Legends and myths on Water), which took place on January 14th 2016 at the AH Ágora in Cáceres (Spain) and was organized by the Cluster de Turismo de Extremadura, brought together more than 60 students, young professionals and businessmen from the tourism sector in the Extremadura region.

The event, was attended by all of the 11 partners coming from 8 different countries (Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Estonia, Cyprus, Germany, Spain and Belgium) and after a warm welcome from the Director General of Tourism in Extremadura, Francisco Martín Simón, workshops began in order to discuss the creation of touristic commercial packages regarding legends and myths including water as a significant feature.

 The basis of the project consists in creating touristic products taking into account the cultural heritage through the dissemination of short popular stories with such an ubiquitous resource as water is. Thus, with short stories across Europe with a common component -water-, we see the birth of a touristic cultural route. Creating new experiences ready to be exploited by the local SMEs.

 This Final Conference has been the occasion to show the main results gained throughout 18 months of the development of the project, to discuss how to successfully implement it and what is the way forward for the project to achieve further results. During the conference, María Blázquez responsible for projects and innovation of the Cluster de Turismo de Extremadura highlighted the importance of keeping on with the project as an opportunity to discover new touristic destinations, articulating sustained values for the shifts in the tourism sector and the economy’s development

 Maria Blázquez also pointed out that the diversity of products and services, the different locations across Europe and the development of the market towards a sustainable tourism, building new sensations, will lead to the creation of new markets for innovative enterprises, especially SMEs

Furthermore, during the session, a public recognition was given to Alessio Baldo from the company “Spritzart” for the creation of the logo of the project, conference attendees had also the privilege to see an interpretation of “los juglares” reviewing ancient myhs and stories about the region. The conference ended with a networking session for sharing ideas and experiences.


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