The role of the Local Intermediate Authorities in the transfer of Innovation
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The role of the Local Intermediate Authorities in the transfer of Innovation

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

During 2011 the Economy and Innovation Working Group has been focused on the release of the Study on the role of LIAs in the transfer of innovation. This Study has been a success for the association; it has showed the potential of the network and has allowed the partners to identify its priorities and common interests.

The main aim of this project is to analyse and improve the practices and tools of the Local Intermediate Authorities, especially those carried out by Partenalia members, in relation to the Transfer of Innovation.

This objective will be set on the following specific ones:

  • Analysing the practices related to the Transfer of Innovation that Partenalia members are carrying out
  • Identifying the most interesting policies, according to their content or impact, in relation to the improvement on territorial competitiveness, in some of the following areas:
  1. Improvement on local company competitiveness
  2. Improvement on the own Local Intermediate Authorities
  3. Improvement on citizen’s knowledge or education
  4. Boosting policies related to Research and Development, etc.
  • Making a selection of practices made by Local Authorities (both, Partenalia members and non Partenalia members) that could be transferable
  • Analysing the possibility to adapt these practices to similar or different contexts
  • Making a selection of transferable practices
  • Setting a Road map that contains milestones for future actions

Some of its conclusions may be summarized as follows:

  • The role of Local Intermediate Authorities in the transfer of innovation is still rising and there are very good perspectives.
  • There is an important potential in the close cooperation between LIAs and municipalities. We must use this privileged position to spread innovation.
  • An important percentage of the actions developed by the LIAs are aimed to improve local competitiveness (Ex.: incubators, knowledge centers).
  • Also it is important the resources devoted to innovation for improving the services and dynamics of the own Local Intermediate Authorities.
  • The practices made by the LIAs are highly effective.
  • Important resources are available from the European Union.

For more information, you can download de whole study below.


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