Call for Candidatures in Partenalia (Brussels, Belgium)


Partenalia is the only international association of intermediate local Governments for inter-territorial cooperation.

It was created in 1993, as a network aiming to enhance the visibility of intermediate local Governments in the process of European integration, and to promote the common policies at the local level.

Today, as an international Association with juridical personality, Partenalia represents the voice of local intermediate Governments in the European arena and offers them a privileged working platform in order to promote innovative initiatives and the interchange of best practices on a transnational scale.

Members: 22 local intermediate Governments from Spain, France, Belgium, Italy, Croatia and Romania.

Posting period: 6 months. From 14th July 2014 on.

Post conditions: The post is paid and part-time. The employee works 19 hours per week, under the supervision of Partenalia’s coordinator.

Place: Brussels’ Partenalia Office. 1, Avenue de la Renaissance, Brussels (Belgium)

Content of the post: Developing administrative and financial issues regarding to european projects and initiatives, specially in the field of employment and training. 

Gross Salary: +/- 1000 €/month.

Essential Requirements (Please, note that not fulfilling all these 4 requirements will lead to direct rejection of the application)

  • Degree. 4 years of University.
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience related with the position (European projects in the field of employment and training)
  • Professional knowledge of English, Spanish and French (official languages of the association). Other languages are appreciated.
  • Availability to fully integrate into Partenalia’s office in Brussels from 14th July 2014.

Further knowledge of financial management of EU projects be an asset.

Assessment method: Potential candidates must contact the Secretariat of Partenalia by email, sending a cover letter and her/his CV to

Deadline for candidatures: 9th of July 2014