Call for proposals: Knowledge Networks for the competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism

The European Commission published a call for proposals in the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP): Networks for the competitiveness and sustainability of European tourism.

General objective:

The action aims at supporting networks of destinations at local and regional level so as to create a favourable framework for tourism sustainability, to improve the cooperation on sustainability issues through tourism networks, to increase the level of awareness of enterprises, in particular SMEs, about good practices, and to foster sustainability-driven innovation in the tourism sector.

Specific objective interesting for Partenalia:

One of the specific objectives is to identify practices and tools that can help small and micro enterprises to be sustainable and competitive, to increase their level of awareness about these good and innovative practices and tools and, therefore, to foster sustainability-driven innovation in the tourism industry.


At least one of the partners must be an academic/educational establishment or a permanent research entity.

In case the network of associations does not already exist, a transnational consortium of at least 5 associations among: Academic, training or education establishments, Research institutes, Public or private observatories, Business or trade associations covering tourism enterprises, Chambers of commerce, Trade unions, Non governmental organisations, Employers’ organisations, Public authorities and their networks/associations, Destination management organisations and their networks/associations, Non-profit making tourism organisations, networks or think-tanks, International organisations, Consumer organisations.

Financial aspects:

Budget: 800.000€

Indicative number of projects: 3-5

Community co-financing rate of eligible costs: up to 75%

Delay for sending project proposals: 30 June 2009

Access to the call for proposals: