CEPLI – First Political Conference in Cáceres (Spain)

Cáceres Provincial Council, on behalf of FEMP (Spanish Federation of Provinces and Municipalities) hosted the first CEPLI political conference the last 5 and 6 February. CEPLI is the first network of National Associations of Provinces and Associated networks, Arco Latino and Partenalia.

During the political conference, the Presidents of all the National Associations and Associated networks approved a partnership agreement and chose the Presidency of CEPLI. The President of the ADF (National Association of Départements in France), Mr. Lebreton, will hold the Presidency of CEPLI, which is for one year. Spain, Germany and Hungary will hold the Vice-presidencies.

During the event, CEPLI presented a Political statement on Territorial Cohesion in front of personalities from the European Commission and the Council of Europe. In the statement, CEPLI defends the crucial role of local intermediate authorities and the need of taking this level of administration into account.