Contribution of Partenalia’s presidency to the CoR online Forum – May, 9th

The role of Local Intermediate Authorities has been essential during this pandemic. We are the level of administration closest to city councils, which in turn are the closest to the citizens.

We are reprogramming our usual functions and prioritising the social. We have been acutely aware of the importance of facing the coming economic crisis, with direct financial assistance to the self-employed and small companies. Public works are now a low priority.

The provincial council that I preside over launched the “day after committee” to plan the economic recovery by the businessmen and the self-employed, who are the ones who energise the territory and generate wealth and employment.

In the short term, we will launch the “future Ourense commission” to receive individual and collective contributions from the inhabitants of the province.

Local Intermediate governments must create participatory forums with sectors such as tourism, culture or sports to rethink objectives and continue building our European collective project.

We have the obligation to fully assume our social role as never before in History, be at people’s side more than ever and take note of mistakes so as not to repeat them. Cooperation with other administrations is an obligation and resources must always be made available to society.

Europe’s response must also be implemented at the local level and it must let its policies and financial aids flow via Local Intermediate Authorities in the spirit of such important principles as those of subsidiarity, administrative deconcentration and decentralization in decision-making.

The European Union faces an immense challenge: to demonstrate its versatility, its effectiveness, its usefulness and its commitment to the values ​​that inspired the founders.

The Europe of the 21st century is a collective work; one in which we all have the right to claim a leading role. There’s a place for everyone in this place we call Europe.

Local Intermediate governments are part and parcel of those cementing foundations, pillars of development of the European Union and the best ambassadors of the idea of ​​Europe that we defend.


Manuel Baltar

President of Partenalia