Day of Europe: President Nofuentes highlights Cohesion as a cornerstone of the European project

Cohesion in Europe is essential to improve the quality of life of citizens and promote appropriate projects to pursue this objective. For this reason, Local Intermediate Authorities are essential to leave no one behind, since the proximity links that unite Local Intermediate Authorities and citizens allow a better understanding of the specific needs and challenges of the local population, thus guaranteeing more effective and specific interventions.


Cohesion is at the center of the European project and is a decisive tool to strengthen the bond of trust between Europe and its constituent regions. That is why, from Partenalia, we advocate for Local Intermediate Authorities to manage at least 15% of European funds given their proximity to citizens and their day-to-day concerns.


The Europe of tomorrow supports the most vulnerable, but also the most innovative. Therefore, it must be able to support Local Intermediate Authorities to face all types of crises by relying on initiatives towards greater territorial resilience. Cohesion is the engine for an adequate transformation of our communities and territories and balanced and resilient development must be an absolute priority. To make it possible, the proper management of European funds and their possibilities as an engine of development is vital. 


Local Intermediate Authorities are essential because they are the crucial link between rural, peri-urban and urban areas and the essential interlocutors for small towns and remote areas. That is why, local authorities are in favour of  financing shared management, multi-level governance and the principle of partnership as guiding principles of cohesion policy, even beyond 2027. 


Experience has shown that greater centralisation of financing leads directly to a reduction in the efficiency of interventions and to an exclusion of the possibilities of provincial participation, which is why decentralisation is the key to reducing territorial disparities, a principle enshrined in the Treaty, which constitutes the raison d’être of the cohesion policy.


Bartolomé Nofuentes

President of Partenalia