Diputación de Castellón

General Information
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Comunidad Valenciana
  • Population of the region: 5.129.266 inhabitants
  • Capital of the province: Castellón de la Plana
  • Population of the province: 604.564 inhabitants
Mission, view and values

The County Council assumes the challenge of being the architect of the Province’s progress, because we are the closest entity to our villages. We work as the City Council of the Province’s City councils.

We want to stand up for equality of opportunities among territories in order to improve quality of life of the Province’s citizens, wherever they live, and help our 135 villages to look hopefully towards the future.

Values: commitment, management and future
The values that lead us daily are: commitment with this territory, an efficient management in order to continue improving, and working for our Province’s prosperous future.

Political priorities


  1. Invigorating tourism sector and consolidating Castellón as an organizer of major events
  2. Opening and promotion of Castellón – Costa Azahar airport
  3. Strengthening new clusters
  4. Economic development of the Province’s inland
  5. Coordination of the relationship between public administration and businesses
  6. Consolidation of Castellón as a logistic core in the Mediterranean
  7. Mediation to improve funding resources for the business sector
  8. Actions for fundraising
  9. Promotion of the ceramics sector
  10. Value enhancement of local products
  11. Coordination of the support lines for entrepreneurs
  12. Promotion of Castellón (Spain) brand for national and international projection
  13. Citrus research impulse
  14. Recognition of R&D in the frits and enamels’ sector
  15. Encouraging quality training for improving productivity

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European Programmes in which the entity has taken part
  • Equal
  • Interreg
  • Youth
  • CIP
  • Leonardo
  • ENPI
  • European Voluntary
  • ESF
  • Community initiatives for sports promotion
  • European Citizenship
European networks to which the Province belongs
  • Partenalia
  • ESN
  • ACR+
  • UNIC
  • C4BI Network
  • EBN
Other relevant information

The Economic Development, International Relations and Ceramics Promotion Service is responsible for the support and invigoration of European relationships of the County Council. The Unit develops its competences in three major interconnected areas:

Economic Development

  • Training and mediation labour plan
  • Business initiatives development plan
  • Support to business consolidation plan

International Relations

  • International mobility, European mobility and third countries mobility initiative
  • Lobby initiative: planning and development of tools for strategic lobbies in order to foster the Province in front of European institutions: executive lobby and sectorial lobby
  • Specialized counselling service addressed to municipalities and SMEs
  • Communication and territorial visibility actions
  • Strategic cross-border projects’ management co-funded by the EU

Ceramics promotion



Diputación de Castellón

Plaza de las Aulas, 7
Tel. 964 359 600

Technical responsible

Carmen Vilanova Menero
Head of Service of Economic Development, International Relations and Ceramics Promotion

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