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Album title: Partenalia's activities

The activites developed by Partenalia are  addressed to fullfil its main objective:

To develop European territorial cooperation with the aim of improving local and European policies addressed to the local level in benefit of the citizens.

This main goal is divided into 3 specific objectives:

  1. To foster the exchange and mutual learning of local policies, tools and methodologies related to areas of a common interest for the members.
  2. To defend the participation of Local intermediate governments in the decision-making processes for shaping EU, regional and local policies; in particular regarding their funding and management systems.
  3. To encourage the participation of the members in projects financed by EU funds.

Using as a tool its three specific thematic areas, Partenalia offers to its members the following activities:


  • Promotion of tailor made tools for the exchange of working methodologies.
  • Bank of best practices and experience for the members.
  • Transnational conferences and thematic seminars on relevant topics for the members, including the participation of European, national and local experts.
  • Organization of study visits among the members of the association.

Lobbying activities

  • Representation in Brussels of the interests of the Local intermediate governments.
  • Assistance for the relations between the members and the European institutions.
  • Follow-up of the latest European news; analysis and selection of most relevant issues in relation to the competences and priorities of the members.
  • Cooperation with other networks and associations.

Joint European projects

  • Early warning and indetification of calls for proposals and financing lines
  • Technical assistance for the preparation of European projects in the framework of Partenalia.
  • Platform for searching partners.
  • Specific training in European affairs.


35 Square de Meeûs
1000, Brussels (Belgium)
Phone: +32 27336595