Partenalia's Guide of EU Funds for Local Intermediate Authorities
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Partenalia's Guide of EU Funds for Local Intermediate Authorities

Monday, February 01, 2021

Partenalia members now have exclusive access to the network's Guide of EU Funds 2021-2027.

The Guide is available in all three working languages (English, French, Spanish) and focuses on those funding programmes most relevant to Local Intermediate Authorities.



Preface of the Partenalia Guide of Eu Funds for Local Intermediate Authorities


I am proud to present this guide of 2021-2027 European Funds for Local Intermediate Authorities as it is a tool that all Partenalia members, as well as the socio-economic fabric of their territories, will be actively referring to over the next seven years.

The publication of this guide this early in the new programming period (2021-2027) goes to show that Partenalia is a key platform for European Local Intermediate Authorities to swiftly adapt to the new realities of the European Union, providing them with increased responsiveness and close monitoring of EU affairs related to local policies.

Having access to this guide at the very beginning of the new programing period will enable our members to make enlightened long-term decisions as to their European Funds strategy. It will give them the opportunity to help local stakeholders from their respective territories navigate the various European funding programmes in order to successfully and sustainably grow and improve the quality of life of every European citizen.

The guide will strengthen the already-demonstrated capacity of Local Intermediate Authorities to act as recipients and efficient managers of European Funds. It will provide them with increased speed and effectiveness in handpicking those funding programmes and calls for proposals most relevant and useful to their territories, thus serving the very purpose that these funds were conceived for.

I believe that, during this new funding period, Local Intermediate Authorities will more than ever be an essential level of government in bringing Europe closer to our territories and in making the benefits of the European Union’s actions felt by our fellow citizens.
They can count on Partenalia to assist them in this task so crucial to the future of our Union.


José Manuel Baltar Blanco

President of Partenalia


35 Square de Meeûs
1000, Brussels (Belgium)
Phone: +32 27336595