European Provinces unanimously re-elect Mr. Moliner as the President of PARTENALIA

The President of Castellón County Council- Mr. Javier Moliner- has been unanimously re-elected as the President of PARTENALIA, the international network of European Provinces. PARTENALIA has become the first representation forum for Local Intermediate Authorities (LIAs) in Europe, Brussels; as well as an interlocutor with the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and different European committees.

The President, who is fully grateful for the Board support, attendance and participation, reported “to assume responsibility for leading PARTENALIA for a period of two more years, by operating on the firm conviction that this is a moment in which these very administrations- that are closer to citizens- are more relevant”.

During the Political Council- hosted in Brussels yesterday- the new political body was decided: Castellón- Presidency; Ourense and Hainaut (Belgium)- Vice Presidencies; Lieja (Belgium)- Treasurer; Valencia- Secretariat. The following countries have been represented at the Political Council: Belgium, Spain, England (UK), Croatia and Italy. Other provinces from Germany,  the Czech Republic and France have also participated as interested observers.

In his remarks, the President has stressed the importance of the decisions taken in Brussels for all territories. “Nowadays, what is agreed in Brussels has an impact on every single town and also affects the 75% of Territory legislation. This is the reason why we start our mandate by pursuing a twofold
objective: strengthening the relevance of our territories in Europe and combining synergies among all actors involving PARTENALIA, so they create a closer, more efficient, intelligent and useful administration for citizens.”

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