Partenalia gearing up for the Political Council in Brussels
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Partenalia gearing up for the Political Council in Brussels

The technical staff of members met in the European Capital to prepare the main annual meeting of the association

Last Thursday, 25th, the Steering Committee of the European association of Local Intermediate Authorities, made up of the technical staff of members, met on the premises of Partenalia in order to analyse its current situation and propose measures for the year 2016.

Two members of the European Commission were present to detail the main funding instruments that the European Union puts at the disposal of cities and Local Intermediate Authorities with a special emphasis on the fields of sustainable economy and the promotion of tourism.

The meeting was also the opportunity to present the programme of the coming Political Council which will take place in the Belgian capital and is already set to welcome a large number of President/Chief Executives from Local Intermediate Authorities from Member States and representatives from European networks. It will be a key event in enhancing the visibility of the role of Local Intermediate Authorities in Europe.

Set for March 7th and 8th, it will be of particular significance for the association which will issue new mandates for its managing board. After, reviewing the activities of the past year, political representatives will agree on the strategy and the political priorities of 2016; a crucial year for Intermediate Authorities given the implementation of administrative reforms in various Member States.

Furthermore, the President of Partenalia will meet with the President of the Committee of the Regions, the European representative institution for cities, Local Intermediate Governments and Regions, and present him with the efforts of Partenalia in promoting the role of Intermediate Governments and in implementing transparency, democratization and practicing good government within institutions. To conclude, the two-day working trip, the political representatives of our members will meet with an executive from the European Investment Bank who will specify to means to access European funds for our administrations.


The photo gallery of our latest Steering Committee is now available on our flickr account


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