IGTrain Project meeting in Istanbul

Last Wednesday, May 20th, the fifth meeting of the IGTrain project ended in Istanbul. During the meeting organised by the Turkish partner, Mozaik, leader of the work package ‘Exploitation and sustainability’, the partners analysed the implementation of the project and agreed on how to develop it further.

During the first part of the meeting the partners discussed the results of the on-the-job trainings implemented in each country. During this phase of the project, some of the 50+ employee trained-to-train during a former stage of the project trained their younger colleagues in their workplace. In particular, the partners discussed the difficulties encountered during this phase and the feedbacks received by both the trainers and the trainees who took part in the activities. In general terms, the analysis showed how teaching a worker to mentor a colleague has a positive impact on both the mentor, who realizes the importance of the transmission of his long work experience, and the mentee, who seems to prefer to learn from a colleague rather than from a stranger.

In the second part, the consortium discussed the possible improvement of his main product, the Trainer’s Guide, according to the positive and negative elements brought to light by the former stages of the project.

The third part of the meeting focused on the dissemination of the project. The state of the dissemination was presented and the partners agreed on how to best implement the dissemination activities until the end of the project. In particular, the national information days that will be held in each partner countries and the final conference of the project, that will be organised in Brussels at the end of September have been discussed.

In the last part of the meeting the partners discussed about the exploitation and sustainability of the project. In particular, the consortium analysed which information should be included in the multimedia products in order to make it sustainable; the Handbook of the On-the-job Trainer/Mentor and the Good Practices Presentations.

At the end of the meeting, before leaving the beautiful city of Istanbul, the partners reviewed the different activities to implement and the deadlines to meet in the last months of the project.