IGTrain publishes its guide for the training to trainers

This guide is meant to enable trainers and training institutions with information on the development and implementation procedures of the Train-the-Trainer-Programme designed in the framework of the IGTrain project, in the present form, or to adapt it according to the respective context and requirements.

The Trainer’s Guide is structured in 3 parts.

Part 1: training curricula, objectives and outcomes, organizational aspects, evaluation and assessment.

Part 2: describes in detail the training modules, their objectives and outcomes, as well as suggested methods of instruction and description of suggested activities.

Part 3: contains the main training content to be delivered.

In terms of content, the guide covers important aspects in the adult learning, such as: General aspects of learning; communication; intergenerational learning; methods of training; how to structure a training session and build a training plan; learning at the workplace; mentoring and monitoring, evaluation and feedback.

As IGTrain is a project formed by six partners with different languages, this Guide is available in English, but also in Turkish, Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese and German. PARTENALIA was responsible for the translation of the guide into French and Spanish, making of it a useful asset for its implementation in the training of trainers in all the countries where Partenalia has members.