Intelligent Energy Europe, call for proposals 2009


All applicants must be legal entities, whether public or private, established in the territory of the EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Croatia.

Local and regional energy agencies which were established with and are still beneficiaries of Community contributions from the IEE Programme are eligible to participate in IEE projects if the submission deadline for the call for proposals lies at least 24 months after the starting date of their activities, as specified in the relevant grant agreement

The following five criteria apply to project proposals:

1. Relevance of the action (score 0-10), with the following subcriteria:

  • Extent to which the proposed action reflects the state of the art and builds on previous action in the context of the objectives of the IEE Programme and relevant action by/in participating countries;
  • Potential impact of the action in relation to EU policies and priorities, targets and legislation;
  • Involvement of market players in the action.

2. Quality of the methodology (score 0-10), with the following subcriteria:

  • Structure, clarity, consistency and suitability of the proposed approach (definition of work packages, schedule and deliverables) to achieve the expected results;
  • Appropriateness of the targets and performance indicators;
  • Ambition of the communication/dissemination plan and appropriateness of the communication tools to be used for the specified target groups.

3. Community added value (score 0-10), with the following subcriteria:

  • Justification and benefits of addressing the subject of the proposal at European level;
  • Appropriate geographical coverage of the project;
  • Transferability of the solutions offered by the proposal to other parts of the EU.

4. Costs and co-financing (score 0-10), with the following subcriteria:

  • Appropriate level of effort for the work packages and the main tasks in the work packages;
  • Appropriate weight of costs per cost category, including sub-contracting;
  • Transparency, sustainability, sources and commitment of the co-financing scheme.

5. Management and organisation of the team (score 0-10), with the following subcriteria:

  • Composition and balance of skills of the team;
  • Distribution and balance of effort, budget and responsibilities between partners;
  • Management, including management structure, work plan, coordination and project team communications.

Applications must be submitted by a team of at least three independent legal entities, each established in a different eligible country

The indicative total amount available for this call is about EUR 65 million
Accordingly, the amount granted will be: up to 75% of the total eligible costs for projects.

The maximum duration of a project is 3 years.

Deadline for submission of applications: 29 June at 17h

Partenalia partners of the Territorial Development thematic area could think on the possibility of presenting a project under the “New and Renewable energy sources”  (ALTENER) type of action.