International debate on Present and Future of the Energy Efficiency at local level in the EU

Diputación de Valencia hosted an international debate on Present and Future of the Energy Efficiency at local level in the EU on February the 20th. Nearly 100 participants have attended this seminar, organized in the framework of PARTENALIA, in order to discuss new initiatives to promote energy savings for Local Intermediate Governments.

The event was opened by the President of Diputación de Valencia, Mr Rus, who highlighted the importance of the transition from the old energy sources to the renewable ones as the biomass. He also reinforced the need to exchange good practices at EU level and the commitment of Diputación de Valencia with PARTENALIA, its activities and goals.

In the opening, they also participated Mr Juan VIESCAS, General Director of European funds and projects (Regional Government of Valencia), Ms Elodie BOSSIO, Member at Covenant of Mayors office and Regional Energy Agency, both located in Brussels and Ms Caroline MITRY, representative of the Intercomunal Energy Agency, Ideta (Belgium).

Several international best practices at Province level in the field of Energy Efficiency were presented by Partenalia followed by funding opportunities (2014-2020) to improve Local Intermediate Government energy policies.

PARTENALIA reinforced the commitment of its members with Energy efficiency and promote the discussion, guided by its representatives, about the current and future role of the Local Intermediate Authorities in this field in order to improve the local policies.

You can download all the presentations below.

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