Javier Moliner announces he will run for a second term as President of the Lobby of Local Intermediate Authorities in the European Union

March, 2nd. The president of the Diputación de Castellón, Javier Moliner, took advantage of the bodeguillas of the traditional Magdalena festival from his hometown Castellón to announce that he will run for a second term as President of Partenalia, the lobby of Local Intermediate Authorities in the European union. The election will take place on March, 7th and 8th, during the Political council of the association which gathers a great number of Local Authorities from the main Member States. The political meeting also aims more broadly at enhancing the visibility of Local Intermediate Authorities in Europe.

It should be remembered that the Partenalia Political Council will also represent an opportunity to present the President of the Committee of the Regions, the institution of the European Union representing Cities, County Councils and Regions, with the headway made by Partenalia in the promotion of Local Intermediate Authorities, greater administrative transparency, democratization and of practices of good government.

“Partenalia is a strategical alliance of Local Intermediate Authorities which aims at making sure they can be heard with strength at the European Parliament so that they can partake in the decision-making process, ask for greater funding and more easily develop common projects for the growth of their territories. 

The Diputación de Castellón joined the association, the only one representing Intermediate Administrations, in 2003 and has held its presidency for the past two years. Partenalia is made up of Intermediate Authorities from Italy, Belgium, France, the UK, Spain, Croatia and has agreements of collaboration with various national associations of Local Intermediate Authorities