Partenalia and Arco Latino strengthen their collaboration

Wednesday, 19 September 2018


The President of Partenalia, Mr. Manuel Baltar and the President of Arco Latino, Mr Joan Josep Marlàs signed a protocol of collaboration on Tuesday, September, 18th.

The protocol aims at strengthening the already existing collaboration between the two networks of Local Intermediate Authorities (LIAs) in the context of the pre-electoral design of future European Public Policies, most notably those, such as the Cohesion policy, which will have a direct impact on local administrations.

In light of their many shared goals, on top of which, the recognition of Local Intermediate Authorities as crucial interlocutors with the European Institutions, the two networks view the extension of their collaboration as a significant step towards a greater consideration of LIAs as essential levels of administration for the European Construction and to bring a local perspective to the design of European Policies.

In the words of the President of Partenalia: “ This agreement contributes to bringing more strength to the message conveyed by European provinces (LIAs) especially when it comes to defending the interests of the millions of citizens living in the less densely populated areas of their territories and deserving equal treatment and opportunities in terms of services and of the existence of quality infrastructures when compared to those living in more densely populated areas.”

The new protocol enshrines the creation of a common Working Group to conceive an Action Plan which will take into consideration the socioeconomic and academic stakeholders from the territories of the member administrations.

Finally, the protocol will serve as a framework mechanism to impulse joint activities and position papers on issues such as the management of European fonds, rural depopulation or the maintaining of basic services in rural areas and will thus enable the close to 40 member administrations to speak with one voice with the European Institutions and maximise the visibility of both networks’ activities.