Partenalia Conference in León May, 3rd

Proximity tourism and Local Heritage

Partenalia Conference


Museum of the villages of León

May 3rd, 2022  (Hybrid format: onsite and online livestream)




In order to promote the monumental heritage found in the territories of Partenalia members, the network will hold a high-level conference that will seek to draw attention to this essential aspect of European culture and tourism. The conference will take place at the Provincial Ethnographic Museum of León; which will symbolise the network’s commitment to the visibility of rural areas.


In this key period following the lifting of travel restrictions, the tourism sector will have an essential role to play in driving the recovery of the European economy. More particularly, the richness and diversity of Europe’s monumental heritage has always been one of the key features and main strengths of this sector which has attracted a growing number of tourists from all over the world. This tangible heritage has gone a long way towards making and maintaining Europe the number one destination in the world and as such should serve as a cornerstone for the renewed momentum that we are beginning to witness as travel bans and limitations are gradually removed.


In addition, one of the trends that has been observed during the sanitary crisis has been that of “proximity” tourism, in which Europeans have chosen to travel closer to where they live, within their home region, country of origin or even within the European Union. This trend has not only allowed European citizens to rediscover the richness of their monumental heritage, but has also paved the way for a greener tourism practice that limits travel distances and reinforces the use of railways as the main means of transport. The importance of the railways as a safe, ecological and accessible means of transport has been reinforced at a time when European leadership has reaffirmed its strategic importance and is symbolized by the year 2021 as the year of the railway. In addition, several county councils make use of their resources to rehabilitate old abandoned train stations to turn them into appealing touristic sites, especially in rural areas.


The conference will bring together local intermediate politicians and experts in tourism and European monumental heritage to articulate both aspects of the successful recovery.


Exchanging good practices related to the promotion and management of tourist sites and their historical monuments, particularly those located in rural areas, the participants will discuss how to increase their power of attraction for European, national and local travelers and how to guarantee maximum institutional recognition. and visibility of these treasures of European culture that form an integral part of the EU’s identity.



Proximity Tourism and Patrimony conference Programme

(9:30 – 16:00)


Opening (10:00-10:20)


Eduardo Morán Pacios – President of the Provincial Council of León


José Manuel Baltar Blanco : President of Partenalia – President of the Ourense Provincial

                                                    Council – President of EHTTA – Vice-President of CEPLI


European perspective (10:20-11:00)


Nicolas Reynès Proximity tourism and heritage as opportunities for local development


Kirsti Ala-Mutka – Policy Officer – Tourism Unit of the DG GROW (EC) (VC)

                                  Transition Pathway for Tourism ( European Commission report)


Panel 1 (10:50 – 11h45)


José Cabanes – President of the Mancomunitat de l’Horta Sud (Spain)

Bartolomé Nofuentes – Deputy Mayor of Quart de Poblet

                                           Strategic Tourism plan of the comarca Horta Sud


Pablo López Presa –  Deputy for culture of the Diputación de León (Spain)

                                      Plan R: Rehabilitación, recuperación y reactivación del patrimonio provincial


Dragoş Victor Chitic – Vice-president of the Judet of Neamt (Romania) (Vídeo)


Nicolas Reynès  Good practice the province of Brabant-Wallon (Belgium)



Ana Fernández Zamora – Director of the Tourism and Employment department (Diputación de Jaén)

                                                   Associate Professor (Art History) at the Universidad de Jaén (Spain)

                                              Cultural heritage: from burden to resource for local development

                                              Revitalisation plans of the province of Jaén: Iberos, Castillos y 



Patricia Valle Corriols – Deputy for tourism of the Diputación de Cáceres (Spain)


Pausa café





Panel 2 (12:00-14:00)


Carlos Bielsa – Vice-president of Partenalia – Vice-president of the Diputación de Valencia (Spain)

                            Governance plans for the touristic destinations of the province of Valencia


Alin-Adrian Nica – President of the Judet of Timiș (Romania) (Video presentation and VC)

                                  Proximity Tourism as an opportunity for Local Development


Luca Menesini – President of the Provincia de Lucca (Italy) – Member of the CoR 

                              (VC) – ITERRCOST – ITINERA ROMANICA +


Pere Granados – Deputy of the Diputación de Tarragona Tarragona – Mayor of Salou (Spain)

                               Retrieving heritage, an appeal for tourism : Escornalbou renace – 



Nicolas Reynès  Good practice from the Département of Aude (France)


Jesús Núñez Gutiérrez – Técnico de la AECT León- Bragança (Spain-Portugal)

                                             Rural heritage as a resource to develop rural areas



Magdalena Rodríguez Gómez  Deputy of the Diputación de Segovia (Spain)

                                                           Proximity tourism and heritage of the province of Segovia


Questions and answers



Part III – Discussion among the participants



Moderation :


Nicolas Reynès – Partenalia Coordinator

Interpretation : ES – EN