Partenalia holds a Conference on Rural Depopulation

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Partenalia and Arco Latino held a joint Conference on Rural Depopulation and Sustainable Development in Rural Areas in the province of Tarragona on Wednesday, September, 19th.

Members from both networks of Local Intermediate Authorities (witch sometimes overlapping memberships) had the opportunity to provide the audience with the perspective of Local Intermediate Authorities with regards to the struggle against rural Depopulation.

 Indeed, as the President of Partenalia and President of the Diputación Provincial de Ourense, Mr. Baltar expressed during his opening speech: “Local Intermediate Authorities are the institutions which are at the forefront of this struggle; we are the only administrative level with the vision and capacity to strengthen the ties between urban and rural areas.”

Mr. Baltar further insisted that the key solution to address the challenge of rural depopulation is “the development of knowledge to maintain the territories active, bringing resources and opportunities to the population” and that the response to this demographic challenge “lies in smart management, coordinated efforts, efficient public policies and less bureaucracy;”

 Mr. Baltar reiterated the fundamental need of Local Intermediate Authorities for Strong Cohesion and Common Agricultural Policies within the next Multiannual Financial Framework given their “direct impact on the economical and sustainable development of rural areas.” The President of Partanalia thus wished to highlight the necessity to pair economic and sustainable developments in order to “convert weaknesses into strengths and threats into opportunities.”

To this end, Mr. Baltar pleaded for the creation and reinforcement of “strategic synergies” between Local Intermediate Authorities, companies from their territories and local universities and stressed the effort of LIAs in “promoting the necessary ecosystem so that social, economic and political actors can take part in the struggle against rural depopulation.”

Representatives from member administrations then proceeded to present concrete actions and projects led by their institutions that contribute to containing and sometimes reversing the current trend towards rural depopulation.


- Provincial plan against Rural Depopulation (Repoblem)

  Mrs.  Elena Vicente Ruíz – Social Affairs Deputy of the Diputación de Castellón


- Local Operational Projects financed under FEDER fonds (2007-2013)

  Mr. Manuel Hueso Murillo – Employment Deputy of the Diputación de Jaén


Accessibility of first line healthcare in rural áreas: Three EU-funded successful projects

   Mrs. Dominique Hicguet – General Inspector of the Public Health and Social Affairs    

   Administration of the Province of Namur


- RIFE Project (Horizon2020)

Mr. Edgar Saumell –Punt d’accès Associacion


  -  SmartProvince Project and Integrated Centres of Development (Public ICT services in low

     population density areas)

Mr. Pedro Luis Moraga González – Diputación de Badajoz


Actions to revitalise rural areas

Città Metropolitana di Torino


- Political action in the reality of provincial territories

Mr. José Manuel Baltar Blanco - President of the Diputación de Ourense and President of Partenalia


- Sustainable municipalities: strategic actions of innovative territorial development

Future perspectives on sustainable development in low population density territories

Mr. José Domingo Martinez Valencia Bartolomé Nofuentes – Department of European Projects, Innovation and Sustainability of the Diputación de Valencia