Partenalia signed the Charter for Multilevel Governance

Last 1st of December the association of local intermediate governments, Partenalia, signed the Charter for Multilevel Governance in a formal ceremony at the Committee of the Regions.

Partenalia joint the 188 local and regional authorities and associations in Europe that have already expressed their support to this political manifesto. The organization officially endorsed the principles of the multilevel governance contained in this document.

The official signature took place some minutes before the start of the I European Summit of Local Intermediate Governments, organized by Partenalia, which was held at the Committee of the Regions, and with the presence of the President of the Committee of the Regions, Michel Lebrun.

Other administrations and associations of local intermediate governments in Europe signed the Charter on the 1st of December, in the context of this formal event, promoted by Partenalia.

The local intermediate association encouraged other authorities to give their support to this charter in order to strengthen the cooperation and transparency and to promote the principle of subsidiarity in Europe.

You can sign the Charter online in the following link: