Partenalia’s IGTrain project enters in its decisive phase

Partenalia participated last 8-9 of April in Ancona (Italy) in the 2º coordination meeting of the IGTrain Project along with the representatives of  Verein Multikulturell (AT), Bimec Ltd (BG), Cooss Marche (IT), Waterpolis (PT), and Mozaik (TK), all of them with broad experience in the fields of training, employment, migration, youth, active aging, adult education as well as intercultural relations.

Each participant presented the results of the surveys conducted in their countries for the last 2 months (questions, target groups, conclusions) in order to detect the needs and preferences of trainers, trainees and employers to get a better approach to the intergenerational learning at the workplace.

Key points of that survey analysis will be part of the programme and content of the training guide. In that respect, one innovative train-the-trainer course for people 50+ (employed or unemployed or retired) will be carried out in each country partner, proving them with the needed skills for intergenerational transfer of knowledge.

As Dissemination Leader, Partenalia has to implement the dissemination strategy and plan to promote the project results. Thanks to Partenalia and the work of its members, the project results will be disseminated directly to the maximum number of stakeholders within 9 EU countries and throughout the EU by the online platform

Next October-November 2014, Partenalia will organise in Belgium the training structure and content to implement the train-the-trainer course.

In following stages of the project, the results of the course will be evaluated in order to generate good practices and case studies to promote the idea of more structured intergenerational learning at the workplace as well as contributing to the employability of the older people (50+).
The third coordination meeting will take place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 11-12 September 2014.

IGTrain project Nº: 539475-LLP-1-2013-1-BG-GRUNDTVIG-GMP