Province of Liège launches their new initiative: stand up citizen

In the framework of the commemorations of the First World War which have begun in 2014, the Province of Liège has undertaken various initiatives aimed at promoting the spirit of citizenship.

It began with the “Phenix 21” traveling pedagogical exhibition which has been presented at various locations within the provincial territory and will continue until the year 2018.

In addition, thanks to its collaboration with UNESCO, the Province will be hosting the first “Humanities Conference” ( from August, 6th until August, 12th. The conference, co-organised by the Province, UNESCO, the International Philosophy and Humanities Council and LIEGETOGETHER, will gather over 1.800 participants from all corners of the world and from diverse professional backgrounds (political scientists, communication specialists…). Its aim is to bolster the development of a human-centered approach to political decision-making.

Finally, various initiatives stemming from the entire spectrum of the Province’s civil society are promoted under the label “Stand Up Citizen”. The idea is to raise awareness regarding the values associated with citizenship throughout History. As such, the signing of the Huy Charter for Liberties, 950 years ago, will be celebrated along with the Fexhe Peace Treaty, signed 700 years ago and with the first Collective Convention on Labour or with the signing of the Maastricht Treaty among other landmark events. September, 10th will bear particular significance and will be an opportunity to showcase the various initiatives undertaken so far as it will be the Citizen and Popular day.