Results of the consultation on the 5th cohesion report

The public consultations on the Conclusions of the 5th Cohesion Report, organized by the European Commission between 12th November 2010 and 31st January 2011, received 444 contributions with variety of views and opinions on the future of Cohesion Policy.

PARTENALIA played an active role in the consultation. Such engagement resulted with the elaboration of a position paper in the frame of the CEPLI (Confederation of European Local Intermediate Authorities).

The contributions were sent from many others groups groups, including Member States, economic and social partners, as well as citizens, European interest organizations on territorial issues, private companies and civil society organizations.

Contributors expressed their views on ways to enhance the added value of cohesion policy, as well as on ways to strengthen governance and to streamline the delivery system of cohesion policy. Respondents also gave their opinions on the future architecture of cohesion policy for the next programming period.

A Staff Working Document, and a citizen summary presenting the results of the public consultation was published on 13 May 2011.

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