Territorial Development working group – Tourism and New Technologies meeting in Terni, 27th and 28th May

On the 27th and 28th of May, the Province of Terni (co-leaders of the working group) hosted a meeting in order to create new  sinergies among the members of the group and discuss future projects.
Some benchmarking strategies were also discussed.

Tourism is characterized for being a sector that has been highlighted as one of the activities with greatest potential for expansion on a global scale. For its growth potential and for being a product that can only be consumed locally, tourism accepts the prominence role of being a strategy for local development.

In this context the search for competitiveness is one of the key concerns around the world. As clusters being a competent tool in local development and in countries’ competitiveness, it is important to analyze its potential in tourism.

The seminar organized in the framework of the Working group allowed the participants, both Partenalia’s Members and outsiders, to exchange good practices and analyze how to better create and develop a tourism cluster and how can it encourage the local competitiveness.

The meeting of the Working group of Territorial development: Tourism and NNTT has been organized following the Action Plan 2013 approved by the Political Council held in Val de Marne in March 2013. The latter says as follows: a seminar will be held in Terni in spring 2013, focused on Tourism and will present activities around water, Cáscada delle Marmore (Europe’s highest fall), as a touristic attraction to boost the development of the territory.

The meeting aimed to share best practices about integrative tourism strategies and to foster the cooperation on health and sport tourism related issues with a special focus on the innovative cluster experiences.

In order to enrich the expertise of the WG members, the external expert: Marika Levomaki, from the Cluster Tourism and Experience Business from Finland as invited as a key note speaker.

The presentation, which you can find attached, highlighted a Public and private model of multilevel cooperation with an emphasis on the provincial level, which has aroused very positive results for the promotion of tourism in Finland.

The speaker and manager of the Cluster Tourism and Experience Business from Finland, Ms. Marika Levomaki, offered herself to follow up relations with the members of the WG in order to respond to further questions and benchmarking demands. Here the email: marika.levomaki@leofinland.fi

This invitation made it possible to learn form their recognised expertise on cluster management and tourism strategies and to establish new contacts with finish provinces. The strategy of inviting key experts non- members of the Association, initiated in Castellón, with the WG on Economy and Innovation, has proved to be a good strategy to increase our know how and expert contact on each of the priority areas for the Association.