The European Commission brings forward its 2009 Work Programme

The European Commission presented the 5 November its work programme for the last year of its mandate. For 2009, priorities are structured in 4 pillars:

  • On Growth and Jobs, the Commission will focus on economic reform and specific measures aiming at rebuilding confidence to help Europe deal with the economic and financial crisis, through the work of the renewed Lisbon Strategy and the framework for recovery presented at the end of October.
  • On Climate Change and Sustainable Europe, getting a successful agreement at the Copenhagen meeting will be a major global challenge. The foundation stone for EU leadership is agreement on the energy and climate change package: with agreement in December, in 2009 the emphasis can shift to implementation.
  • Many measures will continue the work of the Commission to target action directly on citizens. This will include specific action to help citizens as consumers, and a major new direction for policies on freedom, security and justice. In this area, the fight against terrorism and organised crime will be a particular focus.
  • Internationally, the Commission will face up to challenges from support for Georgia’s reconstruction and reform efforts to adapting transatlantic relations to the new administration. Enlargement, the neighbourhood, and world trade will remain key priorities.

Acces to the 2009 work programme: