The IGTrain final conference in Brussels: intergenerational learning and networking opportunities

During the last two years, the activities of the IGTrain project have focused on the valorization of the skills and experience of workers aged over 50 years through the improvement of their employability and their position on the labour market. In particular, the consortium has drafted and progressively improved a Trainer’s Guide in order to enable trainers and training institutions to implement a Train-the-Trainer-Programme adaptable to the users’ working context and necessities.

The IGTrain Final Conference will start at 2.30 p.m. on the 22nd of September and will be organized in two different phases:

  • The first part of the conference will focus on the project outcomes and on their possible future developments and will be based on modern discussion methods, in order to promote the debate on the topic of on-the-job intergenerational learning and detect current problems and potential steps for improvement. The IGTrain partners will present the Trainer’s Guide and two multimedia products developed during the project and will describe the advantages of making use of the Train-the-Trainer Programme while discussing the difficulties encountered and the solutions found during the project.
  • The second part of the conference will be dedicated to the networking opportunities of the participants. The attendees will be divided in small groups according to their respective profiles and preferences and will be given the opportunity to jointly find new chances for the development of new common projects and activities, share good practices, discuss the project results and their future possible uses and development. Then, the main achievements will be shared with the entire audience of the conference and further analyzed. Finally, the networking phase will be followed by a cocktail dinner which will certainly represent an occasion for further networking and exchange.

Please find the last updates on the IGTrain Final Conference on the IGTrain website.


Davide Messina:

Tanguy Vanbersy:

13, Rue Marie de Bourgogne (3ème étage)
1050 Brussels